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I may live in Kentucky and teach in Indiana, but this young crew (only teen crew in the US) and their advisor from Tennessee are one of the best anywhere on the American Powerboat Association circuit!

SHS crew members check out the engine of the boat.
The powerplant of the NM-31.
Marshall Peels and two crew members check out the boat.
Advisor Brian Herrin supervises the work.
Teen crew chief Marshall Peels.
Crew members taking a break.
Jenna Jackson, daughter of the driver, relaxes in the pits.
Other crew and chaperones take a break in Hillsboro, Ohio.
Brian Herrin and Marshall Peels.
Crew back on the boat.
Wider view as the crew warms up the engine.
Driver Denny Jackson, owner Joe Marshall, and Bill Hicks.
Work continues at Hillsboro.
Crew members receive more instruction from Mr. Herrin.
Crew members are interviewed by Nelson Hunter of WVNU.
WVNU finishes interviews with the crew.
Denny Jackson slides into the cockpit.
Brian Herrin straps Jackson into the boat.
Jackson leaves the pits for a heat of racing.
Part of the crowd at Hillsboro.
Bob Blazer calls the race for WVNU with the pits in the background.

All photos by Sequoyah High School teacher, Cindy Croft.

The last two photos courtesy of WVNU radio.

The following photos were taken by Jenna Jackson with her new camera

The Sequoyah crew works on the boat Saturday morning.
The crew continues to toil.
Slung up and ready to go into the water.
The names of the crew members on the sponson.
Sitting in the water and ready to go out.
Leaving the pits.
Long shot of the boat rounding a turn.
Coming back to the pits.


Joe Marshall--Louisville, Tennessee


Denny Jackson--Milton, Kentucky


Sea Ray on Lake Tellico

Average speed 100 MPH

Straightaway speeds 130 MPH