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Ride-On (E-133)

My First Hydroplane--Ride-On (E-133)

At long last, I have included pictures of my early years racing hydroplanes, which I started in 1976. My record a a driver in the early years didn't exactly set the world on fire, but I had fun just the same. It was fun trying though. I finished fourth in the second race I competed in Ripley, Ohio. Then, on Labor Day weekend, I collided with another boat in Kankakee, Illinois. My ultimate dream was to race in the unlimited class, but whenever I applied, someone else got the ride. I won my first podium finish placing third in Cincinnati in 1978. I raced the Ride-On from 1976-1981, when I got a new boat which I named Lil' Miss Madison (E-147). That boat was not much to race with. It looked good but that was it. I plan on adding a few pics of that hull whenever I can find them. By 1984, racing turned into a chore which I was not happy with. The Lil' Miss Madison wasn't running well and I got another driver who destroyed the boat in Cincinnati, Ohio in that same year. With bills mounting I quit racing because I couldn't afford to rebuild. However I did return in 1999 driving a hydroplane called Excalibur which is owned by a good friend, Mike McCormick. The following photos are a sample of the fun I had in the Ride-On.

One of the best racing photos of my boat in Columbus, Ohio.
An overhead shot in Columbus.
Getting ready to go out in Madison, Indiana in 1976.
Crew member giving a last few words before I go out.
Off I go!!
The Ride-On getting a bit airborne.
Coming in to the pits in Madison.
Hull damage in Kankakee, Illinois.
Somewhat grainy photo in a race in 1978.
The Ride-On in the center of the pits in Madison, Indiana.
Ride-On in a heat of racing.
Coming down the stretch in Madison.
Two crew members hold the boat in anticipation of the start of the race.
Rough ride in a heat of racing.
That's me--second from the left, coming down for the start.
Another start of a heat.
Preparing to go out again.
Getting some help after a very rough ride in 1978. My entire left side was bruised.
After this heat, I went to the hospital.
One of my favorite people in racing--Ethel Long.
Ethel and I chatting before a heat.
Hank Kosciusko and I talking about race conditions in Dayton.
Here I am getting ready to go out for a race in New Martinsville, West Virginia.

Lil' Miss Madison (E-147 & E-167)

Not a lot can be said for this hydroplane.

The worst boat I ever drove--Lil' Miss Madison (E-167)
Lil' Miss Madison, now E-147, goes out for it's final run in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Seconds before Lil Miss M disentegrated while driven by Mike Gross. The boat was destroyed.
An honorary crew member--Desiree Hanks.

All photos courtesy of Phil Kunz, Jeff Dunn, Jim Pirtle, and Fritzi Jackson.


Denny Jackson--Milton, Kentucky


Denny Jackson--Milton, Kentucky


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