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My Beloved Family & Home

This is just a page which shows my family, local scenery, and other things which may be of interest to some and may bore others:)!!

My Wife Fritzi

Fritzi at 18 with her niece.
Fritzi at her 20 year class reunion.
Fritzi fixing a pizza many years ago.
Fritzi getting ready to go to her spring prom in 1970.
Fritzi's graduation picture.
Fritzi at 20 in her engagement picture.
Fritzi at various stages in her life.
Fritzi in downtown Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
Fritzi playing with a toy phone as a youngster.
Fritzi being escorted by her father at her wedding.
Fritzi and Denny leave for their honeymoon.

Our Children and Granddaughters.

Our oldest son, Byron.
Ryan, our 14 year old.
Jenna, our 11 year old.
Our granddaughter, Mikon.
Our other, newest granddaughter, Jade.
Jenna and Ryan in the snow.
Ryan and a friend play in the snow.
Jenna at a race in Hillsboro, Ohio.
Ryan enters with his eighth grade graduating class.
Ryan's class ready for their diplomas.
Adam Hoard ready for his diploma.
Ryan and Brent Jennings ready for their turn.
Ryan gets his diploma from Mr. Higgins.
Ryan and his Papaw after the ceremony.

My House and the Surrounding Area in Which I Live

Our backyard with snow on the ground.
Same yard in the spring.
Another snow scene.
Another spring setting.
Same yard in the spring.
Same, again, yard in the spring.
The Ohio River not far from the house.
The Ohio River at my father's property.
The scene a half mile from my house.
The view from my back porch.
The business district of my home town.
View of Milton from the Indiana side.
The bridge linking Milton and Madison.
The grade school I attended.
The high school I attended.
The gym which was my favorite spot in the whole building.
Another view of the Milton-Madison Bridge.
The view of a portion of downtown Madison, Indiana.
The neighborhood where I used to live in Madison, Indiana.
The pit area for the Madison Regatta which is normally a city boat ramp.
My backyard, first good snowfall of 2000.

Miscellaneous Pics of Life in Kentucky & Indiana

Movie set where I play Govenor Edgar Whitcomb in the movie MADISON.
Here I am crowning the 1999 Miss Madison Regatta, Stacy Laker.
The top of my old Plymouth, which was used in the film MADISON.
Here I am in the cast of a community play, TWAIN PLUS TWAIN.
Here I am indulging in my favorite pasttime--racing hydroplanes!

Miscellaneous Pics of Other Things

Another of my passions--traveling in Europe. Here is a Paris street.
Here I am with a group of students in Munich, Germany.
Here I am at the Tower Bridge in London, England.
Stacy Laker and myself during the 1999 Madison Regatta.
Here I am with another race driver in 1976 in Dayton, Ohio.
My first hydroplane--Ride-On (E-133).
Andy, our new bassett.
Sugar, Byron's ferret.
Cats, oh those blasted cats.
Time to read about Abraham Lincoln.
Jenna with her Christmas bears.
Jenna's pride and joy--Cali.
Fritzi and Andy in the kitchen.
Angie Estes, Mark Fisher, and myself on the Madison Regatta judges stand.
Amber Welch and Chris Smith working in my Economics class.
Natasha Schroeder, one of my most favorite students of all time.
Kayce Wagner checking up on careers on the internet.
Near the end of the last day of school.
I feel old. I had Little Lake's mother in class 20 years ago.
Amanda Roberts waits for the bell on the last day of school.

Bruther Family Christmas Photos 2000 (The camera used wasn't the best)

Ron & Yvonne Bruther Family.
Ken & Pauline Bruther Famiy.
Ray & Karen Wilson Family.
Denny & Fritzi Jackson Family.
The Bruther's and their spouses.
Rick & Stephanie's Family.
Missy & Brian Hornsby.
Roger & Kristi Sanders.
Fritzi & Karen chow down on dessert.
Little guys with dinner.
Fritzi waits for the White Elephant gifts.
Ryan looks bored.
Dinner is about ready.
Little ones after dinner.
Kristi armed with her camera.
The women in a family discussion.
Bob appears to be dozing off.
Kenny, Ron, & Bob.
Amanda laughing about something.
Brian grinning about something, too.
Heather and her cookie.
Jenna, Ryan, Mikon, and Byron Jackson.
Jessica & Kevin.
Amanda & Kim looking at the umpteen folks gathered around.
Jessica eyeing the turkey?
Kim wants the candy bars.
Kim loses the candy bars.
Ronnie with his treasured Deal A Meal.
Ray looking on.
"Have you heard the one about--?"

Jackson Family Christmas Photos 2000

Byron looking bored.
Landon, Nicole, & Barrett.
Nicole trying to wake up Barrett.
Emily looking half asleep.
Emily giving her mean look.
The usual family conversation.
Mom directing the action at the table.
Jeff looking over the sports page.
Time for some holiday football on the tube.
Jenna looking at the instructions for her mechanical dog.
Jenna giving her best smile.
John ready for some company.
John looking for a seat.
Jonathan makes his grand entrance.
Landon wearing Tennessee orange?.
Landon getting the REAL untold stories.
Libby tormenting Landon.
Libby giving the camera the evil eye.
Libby with nephew Shane.
Mikon wants to see Santa Claus.
Another picture, Gramps?
Mikon dives into the presents.
Nicole looking at her plate.
Looks like Nicole ate too much.
Nicole & Emily telling a few stories?
Pap looking for the giant woodpecker at the feeder.
Pap looking at the TV.
Now Ryan looks for a seat.
Ryan and his Papaw.
Shane and Jeff.
Vedie and her girls.
Sister Vedie.
Whitney says, "No!! I didn't flunk sandbox!!!"
Don't say that again!!
Will makes his appearance after feeling a bit puny.

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As you can see, I am building a page as a tribute to my lovely wife of 31 years and my family!! My wife's name is Fritzi. I'm one of those guys who is absolutely crazy about my wife after all these years. She, my children, and my two granddaughters mean the whole world to me!!