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UL-33 on display at Hinkle's Sandwich Shop..
Jeff Ayler, the voice of WORX hydro coverage, looks over the Hinkle's.
Another view of Hinkle's on display.
Jeff Ayler, Cindy Moore, and Fred Farley at the Hinkle's display.
The crew for the Hinkle's during the parade.
Another parade photo by Mike Johnson
Brian Herrin instructs the Hinkle's crew.
Driver's autograph session for the fans.
The UL-33 ready to go out on the race course.
Waiting to go out for the final heat.
Denny Jackson and the Hinkle's going down the front stretch.
Hinkle's and Blue Mule sit together in the pits in Madison, Indiana.
Another heat with Earl's Performance and Comp Air ready to pass Hinkle's.
Hinkle's coming around a turn.
Denny Jackson and Hinkle's comes down the stretch.
Another shot on the straightaway.
Hinkle's lagging behind at the start.
Denny Jackson gives the "thumbs up" after finishing fifth (and a switch in helmets).
The Hinkle's crew shows off their fifth place trophy.

Newspaper Photographs

UL-33 on display at Hinkle's Sandwich Shop.
Denny Jackson, Rose Conway of Hinkle's, and Joe Marhall go over a few things.
Denny Jackson prepares to go out for Heat 1-A.
Referee Rick Sandstrom talks with Jackson after the heat.
Jackson comes in after Heat 2-B.
Jackson talks with family and friends after the heat.
The crew cleaning the Hinkles after the final heat.
New owner, Brian Herrin, Denny Jackson, and the crew after racing is completed.

The Sequoyah High School Racing Team (NM-31).


Joe Marshall--Louisville, Tennessee


Denny Jackson--Milton, Kentucky


Hinkle's Sandwich Shop--Madison, Indiana

Average speed 110 MPH

Straightaway speeds 140 MPH (theroretically)

The hydroplane is sponsored by Hinkle's Sandwich Shop

Color photos courtesy of Mike Johnson, Chuck & Cindy Moore, Julie Hooten, and Chuck Egerton. Thanks folks!!

Newspaper photos courtesy of The Madison Courier, Trimble Banner, and The Carrollton News Democrat.