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Excalibur Racing (E-66)

Denny Jackson in Mike McCormick's Excalibur (E-66)

The following are pictures of myself driving for Mike McCormick in his Excalibur, a five litre hydroplane. This page had such large photos on it, it was a slow loader. Now just click on the description below to go to the photo of your choice.

Suiting and getting ready to take off.
Mike and I head for the dock.
Being strapped in the cockpit.
Excalibur leaving the dock.
Excalibur at speed.
Close up shot.
Pic 1 coming from the bridge.
Pic 2 more of the same.
One in a series of three coming down the stretch.
A closer shot.
Heading away from the pits.
Coming in to the pits
Almost there.

Click here for Excalibur photos by ED KRUPINSKI.

The boat I currently drive, Hinkle's (GNH/UL-33).

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